Online Virtual Event Engagement Methods For 2021

Surveys, Virtual Event Engagement or online voting with tool.
Animated videos with storytelling Virtual Event Engagement components.
Panels or forums with experts through live-streaming.
Pre-recorded clips with leaders of your Virtual Event Engagement organization.
Mobile apps.
Gamification, better known as Virtual Event Engagement gamification, by its name in English.
Infographics, charts and data visualization that support the content.
The IDB #Virtual Event Engagement guide is a useful resource for learning how to manage the transition to virtual learning methodologies. Although its focus is on e-learning, it has useful tips for developing events of this Virtual Event Engagement.

2. Identify the platform that best suits your Virtual Event Engagement
Although tools like Skype, Microsoft Teams or Virtual Event Engagement work to replicate simple meetings or seminars, more complex and innovative events will require other integrations. The Zoom platform, in addition to offering instant messaging, registration and monitoring of participants, allows you to have video calls in Virtual Event Engagement rooms, very convenient to carry out informative and participatory workshops, trainings and, with its modality of parallel work sessions, Virtual Event Engagement in which it is required to divide the participants into groups